Thursday, July 29, 2010

Gila Offer Mantap Kot...

Mesej paling superb yang pernah aku dapat dalam Tagged.Selalu dapat mesej copy-paste dari foreigner je. Kali ni real plak. Siap salah eja bersepah-sepah.

Suma gara-gara aku letak status ala-ala mencari cinta. Konon lah. Macam la aku percaya sangat dengan cinta-cinta ni. Bukan boleh buat tesis aku siap sekelip mata pun.

"How are you? Currently I'm seriously looking for a special girlfriend or a woman which looking forward for marriage. Let me intro a bit about myself, i'm 170 cm weight 55 kg, I'm mixed and currently I'm working in Penang. If you are not in penang, I will still consider if you are willing to meet me in person. I'm not very particular in your status. If you are interested, please contact me at this email address and we will start the relationship from there onward. Sincererity is a must because i don't want to waste my time and your time too. Only serious person may reply to the email. You can also reply in Bahasa Malaysia or English which ever you prefer. Hope to know u better.Tq"

Sapa-sapa berminat, boleh contact dia. Tengok kat profile, umo dia baru 24. Gambar profile nak Aaron Aziz je. Bajet hemsem la. Aku balas balik secara rilek-rilek je kat mesej dia;

"Sounds desperate. Btw, I'm not really that desperate to be in serious relationship. Good day, pal"


Macam celaka tak?
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