Thursday, October 8, 2009

It`s Been +/- 732 Days Since I Know You

  • I`m sorry for ignoring you for the first time a simple "Hi" dat you gave to me.
  • I`m sorry if I not treating you well even only as a friend.
  • I`m sorry I lied to you as if I`m out of credit, but actually I just hate you keep bothering me with simple (and I think it is stupid) SMSes.
  • I`m sorry for just after I break up with someone (whom is quite stupid too) then only I ALWAYS replying your SMSes.
  • I`m sorry if I over-used your attention and kindness to treat my loneliness after both my parents were gone.
  • I`m sorry if I`m giving hope or make you thinking that you are special to me.
  • I`m sorry for currently avoiding you.
  • I`m sorry coz showing my ego for not contacting you these few days.
  • I`m sorry coz I`m really in love with you rite now.
  • I`m sorry for all these happen eventho we were never meet before.
  • I`m sorry coz I`m gonna say "I MISS YOU"

You know who you are. And if you read this, I`m sorry again. Can`t help to express my feelings.

P/S: He ain`t a SMOKER!! Dats y I like HIM~

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