Saturday, July 28, 2012


Is it called a rival? Or whatever it is...

Since I have discovered that someone really hates me and yet almost influence others to do the same  (some of them may hates me earlier than she did), I feel a lil bit more enthusiastic to face my daily working days. Uh, it sounds so dramatically irony. But trust me, that was the only feeling could describe me towards the situation. Of course I'm extremely happy with haters. Heh.

Actually we have been through a "war" in a facebook status. I don't even know what was her problem, but suddenly she hates me that much. Haha. It started when I sent out email about my concern for the group. It may sound a lil bit harsh, but if they read it carefully, and think positive, they should have to treat it as a challenge. It was too frustrated to check their daily job and listed out errors they have been made. They claimed I treat them badly whenever they asking question. Tell me now, who did ever ask me a question???

The problem is they never ask. I told to fix WITH EXPLAINATION, they said I'm show off my talented. So, do tell me how am I suppose to help them if they not even help themselves?

Oh ya. I forgot. They're all so damn smart people.

Let it be. Smart people could not accept when average people trying to fix them. Always.