Sunday, November 11, 2012

Malays VS Islam

Is it when you were born as a Malay, compulsory to be Islam? I thought only if you were born as Islam then only should retain Islam for the whole nasab.

What if, let say IF.... Any of aboriginal claiming they ARE Malays, and their lives somewhere undiscovered, suddenly we found them, and they said they are Malays but atheist, have no religion, know nothing about something to believe, or still believe in magical power, etc, what should we do? Force them to choose Islam, just because they claim that they are Malays??There were many peoples out there and we never know how can they survived... Pls open your mind.

I strongly believe only once you are Islam, forever you are Islam. It is mandatory.

As you can see, Islam is not necessary refers to any of the race, nation, ethnic, community. Have you ever heard any of the Arabs are born Christian? Based on what we've learn, most Arabs are closely connected to our beloved Prophet Muhammad S.A.W... But yet some of them have different religions to believe.

What else? Just my 2 cents.

Islam does not have exclusive rights to any specific culture/race/nation.

I'm not supporting any politics issue regarding YB Nurul Izzah's statement, but this is my personal opinion.

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