Saturday, January 24, 2015

Qu Puteh Effects

This is not a missing cat advertisement...

Malaysian were busy talk about Qu Puteh right now, because of its advertising and promotion on some singing event which appears too frequent.

I hope that I wasn't too late to blog about it right now. Haha... Because I found that the product tagline was so catchy --

"Qu Puteh, Qu Puteh, barulah putih..." 

Seems like everywhere I go, for sure there is someone imitating the tagline with funny expression. Is it really works as it has been advertise??

I'm looking for the product to test it on my cat. His fur is getting darker day by day. Is it work if applied to cat's fur? 

I was surprised with my cat's fur getting darker coz I thought the fur color/tone might stay from the day the cat was born until the cat dies... Hmm... 

Any sponsorhip?? LOL!
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