Sunday, January 4, 2015

Great Stalker Alert

Well, I should say that I'm a damn great stalker exists in this social media era. LOL!

Just discover something that I thought might make my big bro kind of upset with the news. Nope, its not the sad news, but the way we discover the news may cause him felt upset... Sort of... Maybe...

Its up to him on how he would deal with his feelings... As for me, I treat the news as something I should be proud of. Its time to prove that both of us (me and my bro) since our both parents gone, nobody in our relatives, I repeat, NOBODY cares about our existance. 

This entry was about comments few weeks back that really hurts me badly. I 
was accused for "ignoring" own relatives when I previously posted up a picture that might cause everyone confused about my relationship status...

I've been attacked backforth because of the picture. Nobody from "their" party bothers to ask me first what was actually the picture purpose, when and where it has been captured. You got me, NOBODY. They accused me like the hell am I thinking for ignoring them. Thanks a zillion. They've lost my respect for this. Congrats.

And for the latest news... Seems like NOBODY bother to inform any of us, so, I think it would be great for me and Jeffri to proceed with our initial plan. 

Hmm... It hurts me... Really...
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